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WebMD Health Corp (WBMD)

66.02 + 10.83 (19.62%) Volume: 558,251 shares
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Company Profile

WebMD Health Corp. provides health information services to consumers, physicians and other healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through its Websites, mobile platforms, and health-focused publications in the United States. Its primary portal, enables consumers to obtain information on health and wellness topics or on a particular disease or condition- assess personal health status- use online trackers, tools, and quizzes- locate physicians- receive periodic e-mailed newsletters and alerts on topics of individual interest- and participate in online communities with peers and experts. The companys portal, enables physicians and healthcare professionals to access clinical reference sources- stay abreast of the latest clinical information- learn about new treatment options- earn continuing medical education credit- and communicate with peers, as well as offers other sites and apps that provide branded health and wellness content, tools, and services. The company markets its wellness services and solutions for employers and health plans under the WebMD Health Services brand. Its clients primarily include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies- hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare services companies- health insurance providers- consumer products companies whose products or services relate to health, wellness, diet, fitness, lifestyle, safety, and illness prevention- and various other businesses, organizations, and governmental entities. WebMD Health Corp. is headquartered in New York, New York.

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